The Zerocopy Copyshop

Zerocopy copyshop?

Since a few months now, Zerocopy is available in over 30 copyshops around the country! In order to promote these new partnerships, you can print twice as much in a copyshop! For instance, if you have 100 credits on your account, you can print 200 pages in one of the newly installed copyshops!

Here’s already 25 to get you started!


It works the same way as in the normal printing points: a computer with our application => login => print for free! (but only twice as much)

Is it still free? Absolutely! The only difference is that instead of paying for your paper and ink, Zerocopy pays the copyshops 😉

Find the one closest to you when uploading a document!

After uploading your documents, you’ll see that in the print tab, all our Copyshops are marked in Yellow

Here, your credits count double!

Log in to your account, upload a document and visit the copyshop closest to you!

PS: more copy shops will be installed soon, keep track! Let us know how your first experience was with a Zerocopy copyshop on our social media or

Looking forward to hearing from you and have fun using Zerocopy!