Student Targeting should be an investment

The first value adding channel to transfer your company message to high educated students

Targeted Advertising

Reach out to students that matter to you. Get your message inside student courses they print with Zerocopy.

Market Research

Learn how your target group perceives your brand and what the impact was of a certain campaign.

Direct Mailing

Send sample’s and gifts to our Zerocopy user so they try out and engage with your brand.

Digital Advertising

Digital campaigns can be run on the Zerocopy cloud platform were students upload their courses.

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Our Campaign types

Employer Branding

Make sure Students know and are willing to work for your company.

Consumer Goods

Promote your products directly to only Students that matter.


Spread sensibilising messages across high educated young adults.

Our Approach

For any company

We help Human Resources and Marketing Departments successfully define campaigns for our medium.

For any agency

We are open to support, educate and help agencies to successfully create campaigns with Zerocopy.