Zerocopy Delivery

Zerocopy Delivery

Zerocopy Delivery?

From now on you never have to look for a printing location again, from now on, your documents get delivered at your address! For free! And in full color! Available anywhere in Belgium! And you don’t have to be home, it will just be put in the mailbox!

More and more Zerocopy students are using it and they are overwhelmingly enthusiast about it!

You don’t have access yet? Too bad! It’s sooo easy! Just scroll down this blog to find out how!

How does it work?

After uploading your documents, you’ll see that in the documents tab, a second option, ‘Delivery Service’ is added. Select the documents you want to order and make sure that the total amount of selected pages is between 55 pages and 120 pages including full page ads. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to continue by clicking on ‘order’.

Check the example below (it’s my marketing course from 2007 and my bachelor thesis of 2008 – yes, I am that old).

*note: if your PDF contains too many pages, you can easily split it in smaller pieces with SplitPDF.

Once you are in the order section, you’ll have to add your address. That sounds simple, but still some addresses of beta users contained small errors and these people never received their documents! So do put some effort!

When you are done, you have to confirm your address by clicking on ‘Ship to this address’.

When you are ready, check the details: are the documents you order the right ones? Is your address 100% correct? Yes? Hit the ‘Deliver’ button!

Check the example below (now you also know where to find us).

When you have clicked on ‘Deliver’, you’ll have to submit your password to confirm. As of that moment, your order is placed. The printer will soon start rolling and the Bpost person will be on its way!

You can check the status of your delivery by clicking on the button in the ‘My documents tab’, or go there by clicking here.

How to get access?

Zerocopy Delivery is accessible for everyone, but we do ask you to complete 3 simple steps to unlock it: Fill out your profile. Go printing with Zerocopy at least once. Add a friend through your personal referral link.

1. Complete your profile, so you get 100 credits/week instead of 10 and the ads will match your profile!

Completed Zerocopy profile

2. Try out our free printing service at one of our locations (duh, why else would you sign up)

completed Zerocopy profile and printed at least once

3. Invite a friend to join Zerocopy through your personal referral link and make sure he or she printed at least once.

access to zerocopy delivery service

This last step seems difficult? Just share your personal referral link on social media or through email, so your friends (not you!!) can also benefit from Zerocopy. People who did share their link got 3 referrals on average! And you only need 1 referral that starts using Zerocopy to unlock Zerocopy Delivery! And on top, you’ll get a lot of extra credits!

Note: many students have tried to make account themselves, using their own referral link. Ha! Nice try! It won’t work though! Just share it on social media, and your friends and Zerocopy will be thankful for it!

PS: We will continuously improve this feature, keep track! Let us know how your first experience was with Zerocopy Delivery on our social media or

Looking forward to hearing from you and have fun using Zerocopy Delivery!