Stunning Products to Target Students

Zerocopy is the first value adding channel to transfer your company message to students

Targeted Advertising

Reach students where they spend most of their time:
Their courses

Students go through their courses 3 to 4 times a year. While they are behind their books, they are not scrolling or swiping. Instead, they are highly focussed.

By advertising in these courses, you invest in students by allowing them to save money, whilst communicating your message.


Select the desired audience for your targeted campaign and only the selected students will see you company message. No wasted resources by focussing on the wrong Student Audience!

Digital Advertising

Show digital banners to students visiting the Zerocopy platform

As we only advertise Zerocopy to students, only students visit our website.

Students who frequently use Zerocopy will even visit the website on a regular base. The Zerocopy website functions as a cloud portal to upload the student courses.

Direct Mailing

Deliver your message through a Students Physical Mailbox

With Zerocopy Delivery, you are able to send sample’s and gifts to our Zerocopy users. A unique way to reach the young adult target group who barely receives postal-mail.

Market Research

Get meaningful insights in your audience’s needs

Learn how your target group perceives your brand and what the impact was of a certain campaign.

With 1000s of students from all over the country coming to our website every month, we have specialized in having meaningful conversations with them.

Just ask your target Audience what you want to know.