About Zerocopy

How does Zerocopy work for Students?

Students can make a free account on, they receive an amount of print credits they can use to print their courses. they upload their documents on and choose how they want to print their courses, at one of our locations in their area or receive them in full color at home.

How does targeting works?

Students fill in a profile, survey or promo code to increase their weekly credit balance.

With this information, we collect a shipload of data, available for your targetting optimisation.

Are there printing limits?

Yes! Zerocopy ensures there are printing limits so ads are spread around the maximum of unique Zerocopy users as possible.

Who are these students?

With a growing database of 95.000 Belgian students, Zerocopy offers very specific targeting options ranging from geography to study level over to interests and even hobbies.

Do students still print?

With the rise of educational platforms, the age of succeeding an exam, just by studying a book, has officially ended.

Apart from the student’s books, there is reading material, there are slides, cases, all of which the student has to print and process on their own.

Because of this trend, printing costs of the average university student can stack up to as much as €250 euros per year.

Do students still study on paper?

Research shows that, not only do 92% of students prefer to study from paper, the cognitive performance is also significantly increases.