An Updated Credit Policy for An Updated Zerocopy

We would love to thank you again from all of us at Zerocopy for your feedback, interesting ideas and the time you took to share your thoughts with us. They truly have been a great help to prioritize and focus our efforts to improve and grow our service.


Therefore, we would love to share some of the key insights we got from talking to you and your colleagues (over 1.000 students!!) in the past four months and how we are dealing with them at the moment!

 So let’s get right into it:

1. Credits

It’s crazy but the absolute, biggest issue you guys had with Zerocopy is the fact that you don’t have enough credits. It truly was a surprise to discover that the fact that you cannot use Zerocopy more, the thing was, that irritated you most. We really appreciate that! 

Therefore, we changed the credits policy, from now on, a user with a filled in profile gets 250 credits every week instead of 100 and you don’t get 35 credits for adding a friend but 100 for adding a printing friend! So if you need more credits, get your friends printing 😉



2. Upload limit

We have been hearing it for quite some time but never before was it more obvious then in the past four months. Through many open questions, calls and mails, you gave a very clear signal that you want to upload more and bigger documents.

 Well, that era of irritation is officially over! We’ve done the work, increased the upload limit and we promise you, that this will never be an issue again ( trust me, it’s a massive new limit )

3. Locations

one of the key insights of these past few months was that where we are located is very important to you guys. Not only is this the most important reason why some users stop using Zerocopy, it also determines in which locations you are going to print.

 We know that all the students, everywhere in Belgium, want to print for free but off course we can not have a printing location in every street. Therefore, we have put all our focus in getting Home Delivery back on track and are we currently rolling out the Delivery service! (really, it’s happening! )

4. Technical Issues

We have learned that sometimes, documents didn’t came out as they should have or sometimes failed in the conversion process. This is of course not what you signed up for. To tackle this, we worked out 2 solutions.

  1. A new investment in PDF software
    • We have worked very hard on the implementation of new PDF software to decrease the error ratio to the absolute minimum… and it works! The number of errors are below 1%!
  2. Communicate best practices
    • If you are still part the unlucky ones with some of your documents producing an error, here are some best practices you can follow. But the number 1 quick fix (that solves 99% of the issues with non-printing PDF documents is using PDF24creator to make and remake your PDFs. Install it on your PC for free and forget PDF issues with Zerocopy. You can find it here

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